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A mother`s heart was broken

when she lost her loving boy,

why did he have to go, she said,

couldn`t understand why.

She didn`t know at the time

her thoughts were heaven bound.

That her boy there with the angels,

on her was looking down.

He felt the sadness that she bore,

to the angels he  did say,

that`s my mom who`s crying

have to help her out today.

He said, I have a message,

I like for her to read.

Want to tell her of the beauty,

how I walk now with my friend.

I know her burden is heavy,

but if she could only see

the fun that I am having

she have no misery.

It`s like I am on vacation

up here in glory land.

I walk on streets of pure gold,

this she will understand.

When reading this she will smile,

then go on with her life.

She will be the mom she always was,

to my father be his wife.

I will hurry now dear angels,

before the mailman comes around.

My message has to go today,

on the train that is earthward bound.

I want mom to get my message

before bowing tonight her head.

She will know then that I am with her,

in spirit by her bed.


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