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This Is A Letter Ryan's Teacher Wrote About Him

I'VE been Ryan`s teacher for only two years. But in that short time he`s touched my heart and the hearts of so many others in such a special way!  I believe I speak for  everyone here as well as those who could not be with us today when I say Ryan was loved by all. He was a beautiful little boy who always had a smile for everyone

No matter what kind of day you`d be having Ryan`s smile would always lighten your way. If it was a rough day at school I would hear "that is ok ms W lets just take a break and go home" Anything to get out of doing some work. How many times in a run of a day would you hear "I don`t want to do this anymore" or "I want to go home" or the famous "I need to go home because my mom needs me"and "my dad said that I only got to do a little bit of work then I can play for a long while

Ryan was quite the little charmer. He`d continuously shower you with complements hoping to avoid the issue of work or anything he did not like to do. You would hear such things as "my you look  beautiful today" or "you are the woman of my dreams" Oh Ryan what such great memories you have given me, like my love for you your memory will last forever. God gave us Ryan for such a short period of time. But time enough to leave an imprint on all of us.

His start in life was so rough. I always knew that the doctors did not hold out much hope for him to do much. I only wish that they could see him run in the corridors at school when he was not suppose to ever walk. I wish they could hear him talk that language when he would get frustrated when play time was over seeing he was not suppose to talk. For someone who was rewarded by his poppy with cookies when he would use this vocab he was so tiny but with the biggest heart that ever loved! We will miss you dearly Ryan but we do know all your struggles are over and you are another darling angel with open arms ready to greet us someday

Today is one of the saddest days of my life and each of us feel the hurt of not seeing Ryan here on earth again, I know he will live in our hearts forever. Ryan asked me to marry him on the weekly bases and I would say when you get older Ryan I will marry you. Now today looking back on the last two years I know that this special little man loved me enough to ask me this but then again he asked all woman to marry him on the weekly bases what a charmer just goes to show you that he would not take no for an answer because he knew deep down for the struggles in his life that nothing was out of reach for him Until we meet again, good bye I love you.

Mrs W